I’m getting tired of complimenting you all the time.

But perhaps once more.

This is such a good, well thought out piece I am almost embarrassed to admit that I myself couldn’t find the words to say something nice about regular—younger—Gazans and in the doing treat them with some human benefit of the doubt, but you did do it in this piece while property refusing to surrender to the Hamas mentality of kill humans for the glory of God.

Fantastic article.

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I don't expect it to happen, but a favorable outcome would be for the U.S. and regional powers to agree to have the U.A.E. directly administer a post-Hamas Gaza. It has the potential to become another Dubai. It might even become so prosperous that Israelis would want to work there.

No, it would not be a "democratic" regime--yet it would be an immense improvement for the people of Gaza. After many years, it might even be ready for independence.

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