Hi Rob,

I don't know if you are aware, but the actor Richard Dreyfus has been promoting the idea of "civics" education for a long time. I think more people should pay attention to this.

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Speaking of a civics, I mean what makes a civilization, I believe an Atheist that Reads the Bible should be a defender and advocate for Bible studies in grammar schools, starting from kindergarten and continuing through the 12th grade. Not indoctrination, like “It’s educational” (hat tip Black Francis).

But speaking of a dying media complex, hopefully big government media, I mean school to prison complex brought to you by the proooogressssive left wing madrassas’s, one can only hope and pray college of education departments across the U.S. will suffer the same consequences of their inbreeding.

But, to Witt, I am not as hopeful as my beloved writer, as not even the perpetrators of the world’s worst pandemic have paid a penny for their crimes against humanity…just as, speaking of an ill education, the powers that be here in our beloved USA that insanely overreacted to Chinese Communist Corona Party virus, that killed less than 1 percent of the population, kept vulnerable, gullible children out of school, in especially liberal enclaves, for years. Randi Weingarten cannot be reached for comment. Gotta run on. Dear Jesus please look over me as my wannabe Chinese overlords monitor me via my I Phone made in Uyghurs concentration camp. Thanks for taking my rant. Peace through superior mental firepower

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I've been wondering about newspaper paywalls recently, and whether charging by the article would be a feasible way for more papers to survive. The regular price for an all-access digital subscription to the New York Times works out to $300/year. If you loaded that $300 into a digital media account, and instead of just the NYT, you could access any article in any participating online publication for some small fee (say, $0.05), would it last the entire year? Would it be worth it to papers to have fewer full subscribers but more "a la carte" readers?

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