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The backlash is understandable after we were bombarded from about 2016 to 2021 with messages about how we should be ashamed of being white and straight, but I agree that the Right imitating the left with violence and cancellations is going to accomplish nothing good. I'm dealing with "Wokism" within my own family and it's hard enough to have some conversations without national figures modeling rude and irrational behavior.

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Although an independent (politically), I've always thought of myself as more aligned with the "Right." But I no longer know what is to the left or right of me - there are just too many nuances to establishing a political position for oneself. I suspect that is what has happened with many less thoughtful republicans; they simply seek guidance, answers, and leadership from republican politicians, without considering the principles or philosophies at practice.

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I find it so odd, that the “Trendy Righties” , tend to adopt the exact strategies that the “Trendy Lefties” were mocked (correctly) for. Extreme emotionalism ,instead of reasoned argument, check.

Snowflake sensibilities, check. Rigid belief systems, check. A lust for Government power to push

their objectives instead of just trying to convince folks you might have a good policy concept.

I have never figure out why anyone thinks this is a good strategy.

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