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Dec 31, 2022·edited Dec 31, 2022

Fascinating. “Merry Christmas”, interesting, is it not, coming from An Atheist that decoded The Bible and credits the success of The Church based on a court of the patriarchy. Not to sound like I am trolling you Bob, as I love you, not because Christians Lord commands me, but as a fan that adores your clarity of thought and purpose I mostly agree with and preach to the best of my ability. To wit, as someone that lives in the lunatic fringe of the GOP crashers whiter then white trash Arizona, never have I been so happy for the electoral failures of so called fellow Republican’s, as I did not need your advice and not vote for Scari Lake and that flake Masters, as I simply could not exercise my right to suffrage for the neo international socialists on the other side of the ballot. Thanks for taking my rant Trascinki, gotta run on. Prayers for peace on earth in the top story ofyear of our Lord 2023, one finally, mercifully reads a tabloid New York Post headline that the world’s formerly biggest Twitter troll and America’s Now Biggest Sore Loser TRUMP INDICTED

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