"Those who are willing to take covid seriously and continue taking precautions against it—at minimum, getting vaccinations and all of the boosters—have done so and are not dying at high rates. Those who dismiss covid as a hoax and don’t want to take any precautions will die at higher rates but have already committed to accepting this."

It is a shame and disappointmebnt that you give only two options and go on further make each one mutually exclusive. It is entirely possible to take Covid seriously and yet come to a rational conclusion that a vaccine (and other measures that are of little to no use to those who had them imposed on them but can come with serious psychological damage to the emotionally vulnerable ie the youth) might not just be largely irrelevant to one's statistical chances of developing problems if infected, but could potentially be dangerous (particularly for healthy males well into their 30s).

I take serious umbrage with your total disregard to the damage Lockdowns and (in particular) school closures inflicted on the youth. The statistics from the beginning regarding danger to this age group should have rendered all proposals for them to sacrifice their lives as diabolical.

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Btw, there never has been any evidence for the use of masks, mandatory or not.

The one study carried out was entirely inconclusive and, before lockdown, there was specific advice given to not wear a mask.

Masks are political, not scientific and also serve as an indicator that the wearer is willing to eat the contents of a cludgie and say it's delicious

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Not precautions, sir, restrictions.

You have been massively overrating the pandemic for nearly three years now and seem determined to be the second coming of Hiroo Onoda on the subject but without the commanding officer.

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"This year, Republicans turned against all anti-pandemic measures. Next year, some of them will seek to punish anyone who supported those measures—including those who developed vaccines that saved millions of lives, here and around the world."

I have come to expect this kind of blanket statement from the left but not from you. Demonizing "Republicans" both in the past and the assumption of future irrational behavior is really beneath you.

But the major blunder you made was criticizing Jay Bhattacharya - one of the most rational voices in opposition to the entire sad story of the weaponization of Covid by elite power brokers - who was one of the authors of the very sensible Great Barrington Declaration, advocating precautions for those most at risk and allowing the rest of us to carry on just as we do for other infections. You then conflated his reasonable suggestion, which at the very least deserved a discussion among other medical experts, with Santorum who you say was "appealing to the anti-vax crackpot fringe that is becoming mainstream in the Republican party."

More generalized smearing of an entire sub population that you decided are all crackpots: "It is possible to adopt a pro-vaccine and anti-mandate position…. But this is a sophisticated and nuanced position, and that’s not the mental style of most conservatives these days. Hence, the anti-mandate position tends to collapse into an anti-vax position. From there, it becomes anti-mask, anti-social distancing, anti-quarantine, and pretty much opposed to any anti-pandemic measure." Really? Only "conservatives"?

The pro and anti vaxers are to be found in both parties , but it is undisciplined journalists like you who insist on dividing us by clear partisan hostility toward the party you think is the most delusional. Another reason I will not support Tracinski once my subscription expires. You have become increasingly unhinged seemingly based on your deranged antipathy to Trump regardless of the actual benefits he did manage to pass to the American people. Like for example the vaccine you think is so beneficial.

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"A year ago, conservatives largely turned against all public health measures, back to the beginning of the pandemic".

These 'public health measures' are the equivalent of having punches from Mike Tyson as 'anti-injury measures'.

You assume that the vaccines for Covid have been effective, denying all the evidence they are worse than useless.

Btw, I am entitled to a flu vaccine, where I live and I take it but I am not taking the Covid vaccine again, the actions and words of those administering it show why.

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What about Bob, I mean what to do about China!? The Chinese Communist Corona Party (the new and improved evil empire) gets no mention in one of your top 5 stories of the year, except for you going on about the tyrannical government’s iron fisted approach to combating the U.S., I mean the “Chiii na” flu (I think there is something to my humble commentators suggesting to read more Wil Saleatan, I mean Lady Hawks suggesting down below, therefore outing herself, to your “deranged antipathy” to Trump, therefore she is right🤪). The Chinese people yearning to breathe free from a tyrannical government gone wild, whose Dear Leader, Chairman Mao, I mean Xi, has yet to be hauled into Nuremberg for crimes against humanity, and not just for one of his bumbling mad scientist fumbling a biological weapon outside a game of warfare lab, I mean gain of function to see how to manipulate Father Nature. Anywho, this here corner street barker mourns for all the victims murdered by Xi and his willing executioners, and I am most definitely not just talking about the infinitesimal small number of innocents murdered by the COVID. (What’s the percentage of rhe population murdered by the CCCP in the U.S. in the last year….by my armchair calculations it is 99.00425 are we still the living, in other words, 0.00675…notice all the zeros , speaking of Zero COVID policies) I should have already liked to see Xi and his politburo members all lined up against a wall. Better yet, like Rudolf Hoss fittingly finally hanging by a sign “Arbeit Macht Frei”, Xi should have already been hung outside the infamous Chocolate Factory, I mean Wuhan Biological Weapons Factory. As far as all the incomprehensible damage done by a madman Dr.Evilmeister Fauci, deranged enough by all the television cameras spotlight, and his being absurdly thrust into an authoritarian’s chair in a live and let live society you cleverly dub “live and let die”, when speaking of those you are not in communion with, like this here ramblin man, I will leave you with a not so deep, or penetrating, question I have been asking since May 2020…inspired by the smell of urine on the sidewalk and masses of people that one could drive by for miles on the mean streets of L.A…..bearing literal witness to thousands of animals that don’t even wash their hands, let alone take a daily shower either…if COVID was so infectious, and the lockdown was oh so necessary to begin with, to flatten the curve of overwhelmed hospitals, why did The Stand not come true in the homeless encampment’s of the city of Angels, that I still cannot believe still exist….you know, where there is no such thing as six feet under mass graves, I mean six foot distancing, no such thing as washing one’s hands after doing one’s dirty work right, right where one sleeps and eats…what would we do without the Boston seminar experts! I will take live free or die over educated village idiots any day. Why do we live in a world where megalomaniacs rise to the top is beyond me. Let alone, why now is not made made more mention by you about the average age of a super majority of those whose passing of COVID being in the same high school class as Biden? And, three years gone, why were more old people not quarantined, not to mention, all issued M95 masks. Right now I am driving past a mountain of stupid masks that were to the COVID what Lance Armstrong bands were to athletic performance…absolutely good for nothing, except to make the bearer feel good about himself. And don’t get me started on the efficacy of vaccines, or experts touting the Chinese government, I mean mandates. Gotta run on. Thanks for taking my rant Bob. You keep writing, I will keep reading (and happily paying for it too!). Peace through superior mental firepower

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Get 10% off for 1 year" This is taken to mean that having an existing subscription, it can be extended for another year at 10 % off like in years past. However, upon entering the email and credit card information, the following message appears "You already have an active subscription" So the offer does not go through. It is not understood what is wrong. Please advise.

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