"Because they have been listening to crackpots. See a reporter’s description of an event for the protest’s “scientific advisors,” which turns out to be a bunch of cranks (some of them, to be sure, cranks with credentials) declaring that the vaccine is actually more deadly than covid".

The response to Covid, the utterly irrational response to Covid is certainly more deadly than Covid and the justification given for the response to Covid came from the innumerate fantasist Neil Ferguson.

As for 'Pandemic powers', that is an infinitely elastic anti-concept used to justify totalitarianism.

Yet again, sir, you are Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda on Covid.

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I take issue with a comment you said about people who don’t want to take the vaccine. You said "Because they have been listening to crackpots” dismissing legitimate reasons why people refuse to get vaccinated. This is an experimental drug with little history as to potential long term effects. Think thalidomide as an example. Don’t dismiss everyone because they don’t want the vaccine. Yes there are crackpot ideas but also legitimate reasons. I say this although I have taken every vaccine shot offered mainly because I am in my 70’s and don’t worry about long term effects.

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