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"But speaking of libertarians, the one clearly wrong view on vaccine mandates is that refusing to take the vaccine is some form of heroic civil disobedience. No, refusing to protect yourself and others by taking an effective and widely available vaccine does not make you Rosa Parks. It makes you Typhoid Mary."

Speaking of someone who is vaccinated against Covid, you've laid a humungous egg on this subject, you've got no basis in science for your claim on the subject of Covid vaccines.

Your error is in tying vaccines to restrictions, restrictions are fully for show, as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, known to me as Kim Jong Johnson, has demonstrated repeatedly.

If the vaccines against Covid were magic potions, conferring the invulnerability of Robocop to whoever receives them, they'd still be an irrelevance, every excuse has been found to maintain restrictions here, there's constant scaremongering, accompanied by apocalyptic scenarios they're careful not to call predictions but are treated as predictions anyway.

The whole disaster has been an exercise in primacy of consciousness in metaphysics and you need to stop taking part in it.

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