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With A.I. respect to Jonathan Last’s laughable observation that Joe Biden is a centrist, Trumpism begot Biden…the doddering old dolt manning the Oval Office chair, who couldn’t walk a straight line down the yellow brick road, is POTUS solely because of the majority of middle of the road swinger voters are deeply offended by the worlds worst client, I mean Orangeman. But, if I manage to have caught your eye In on, may I ask you once again to never again refer to Sicko fanatics of Trump as “Republicans “, but call the white trash cargo cult “Trumpers”, for lack of a better pejorative. Just as I should like you to dub our deposed President Americas Biggest Sore Loser. I notice of all his moral failings, and the fact that his genuflectiors (I know, know, not a word I just made up), you forgot to emphasize The Don even got away with inciting a white trash riot and attack on our nations capital and The Don has distressingly escaped the death penalty for gleefully watching his brown shirts chant “HANG Mike Pence” ….you know, the literal Vice President. #REMEMBERASHLIBABBITT died for a complete fing BIG LIE uttered over and over and over again by a shameless, mendacious, narcissistic, megalomaniac conman, crony capitalist pig, casino card shark magnate, reality tv porn star, serial adulterer, FTX, I mean NFT huckster, GOP Crasher, formerly the world’s biggest Twitter troll and America’s Now Biggest Sore Loser Donald J Trump.

In short, just as the Nazis had jet technology, and as ahistorical luck would have it, Hitler preferred investing in long range missile technology, the genocidal new and improved evil empire of Chy Na also has access to the next generation of computer technology….so how many fing times do I have to say Chairman Mao, I mean Xi, should have already been declared Planet Earth’s MOST WANTED MAN, DEAD OR ALIVE, and the Chinese Communist Corona Party the public enemy number one. No worries, gotta run on, I need a new iPad made by my wannabe Chinese Overlords (made in Chy Na, where Orwells foreboding is based on a true story). Peace through superior mental firepower

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