The Tracinski Letter is a newsletter covering culture and politics from an individualist perspective, edited by Robert Tracinski.

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I have been a writer, speaker, and commentator for more than 25 years, and you can find my work all over the place: most recently at The Bulwark, The Dispatch (sometimes with my wife), The UnPopulist, and Persuasion. I am also a columnist for Discourse Magazine and a senior fellow at The Atlas Society

I am the editor of Symposium, a journal of political liberalism, and you can find my articles on technology and its future implications gathered together at The Free-Market Futurist.

In The Tracinski Letter, I present my own ideas, not just on politics, but on every subject that interests me: economics, history, philosophy, science, technology, art, literature, music, and more. My subject matter, and my passion, is human civilization as such, in all of its fascinating details and with everything it requires for its survival—which includes, first and foremost, a free society with a free economy.

—Robert Tracinski

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Robert Tracinski is the editor of Symposium, a columnist with Discourse Magazine, and also publishes commentary at The Tracinski Letter.